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National Institutes of Health, Office of the Director, Office of Scientific Policy

Cumulus SPMS Maintenance, Support, Enhancement, and Expansion
POI will support and maintain the Slide Presentation Management System by providing fully trained staff to fulfill some of the more labor intensive and administrative tasks necessary for effective slide/presentation management. A presentation wizard will also be developed to automate the slide archiving process, easing the currently arduous process. Further enhancements will be made to slide screens in order to display pertinent slide information to users. Expanded use of the system outside OSP is thought to occur due to the system’s ease of use and comprehensive management.

Development of a Database Driven Website System and a Slide Presentation Management System (SPMS)
Period of Performance: 07/17/2003 - 05/16/2004
POI provides technical support to the Office of Science Policy of the NIH Office of the Director in the development of a database driven website system using SQL Server 2000 and Visual Studio.net to summarize up-to-date scientific knowledge regarding disease conditions most common among Americans. Development of the database driven website system requires the review and summary of epidemiologic data, health care trends, and cost-benefit studies that have assessed various treatment modalities. The database driven website system will be adopted by the NIH to inform Congress and the public regarding common diseases. POI also has developed an automated Slide Presentation Management System (SPMS) that will be used by the NIH Director and his staff in Congressional budget testimony and other major presentations. SPMS is a centralized Digital Asset Management system that allows multiple departments to share and create slides for presentation.