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 Management and Organizational Consulting
  • Product development and marketing
  • Third party insurance revenue assessment
  • Managed care and integrated network readiness assessment
  • Managed care contracting and negotiation for public sector clients
  • Assessment of management information systems for use in decision support and quality and performance assessment
  • Productivity assessment
 Some examples from our portfolio:
  • Design of a third party revenue self-assessment instrument with funding from the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau
  • Assessment of healthcare and social service agencies throughout the US regarding their readiness for participation in managed care and integrated networks
  • Assessment of billing, accounting, and eligibility determination processes for third party revenue among HIV clinics and case management programs in the Greater Baltimore area in Maryland and Broward County, Florida
  • Assessment of the impact of Title I, Ryan White CARE Act funds on the HIV system of care in Broward County, Florida