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Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Expanding Medi-Cal Eligibility for People with HIV: Cost Modeling with the State of California
Period of Performance: 04/01/99-12/31/99
POI assist the California Medi-Cal program to identify budget-neutral mechanisms to extend Medicaid coverage to uninsured persons infected with HIV. This effort included numerous meetings with staff from Medi-Cal, as well as community agencies and advocacy groups. POI staff designed a programming algorithm to identify beneficiary records for inclusion in an a database, supervised the conversion of the software to SAS for application to California Medicaid claims records, reviewed and commented regarding data output, and assisted in development of tabular and written results. POI also contributed to the concept paper and subsequent 1115 waiver application to CMS.

Survey of Physician Practicing in HIV Clinical Settings: Adoption of National HIV Guidelines and the Feasibility of Large Randomized Trials to Evaluate When to Initiate HIV Therapy 
Period of Performance: 07/01/01 – 07/31/02
The objectives of the study are to survey physicians delivering HIV care in clinical settings to assess the adoption of the PHS Guidelines for the Treatment of HIV Disease in Adults and Adolescents. The survey is being conducted in collaboration with the Foundation, IDSA, FCHR, and DHHS. The survey assesses provider knowledge of the guidelines, with a particular focus on when to initiate ARV therapy. POI addressed these objectives through: (1) formation of an advisory group of nationally recognized HIV clinical experts and federal staff; (2) design and field a nationally representative survey of HIV clinicians practicing in public settings; (3) design a webpage using VisualStudio.net to allow survey respondents to record their survey responses; (4) develop an Access file used to automate the data; (5) data entry and cleaning; (6) transfer of Access databases to SPSS for statistical analysis; (7) prepare tabular results using Excel and SPSS; (8) prepare graphic results using MS Graph Charts and PowerPoint, and (9) prepare a report to the client.