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Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (Medicaid)

Development of a Diagnostic, Procedural, and Therapeutic Coding Net for Use in the Identification of AIDS and other HIV-Infected Beneficiaries (POI)
Period of Performance: 10/01/02-06/30/04 
POI leads a team of researchers from The Lewin Group and the Howard University School of Pharmacy to develop a preliminary plan for the development of an estimation model project national ADAP resource needs. POI undertook the following objectives: (1) reviewed the construction of earlier econometric models designed to estimate ADAP fiscal requirements; (2) identified sources of data required to undertake the forecasting mode; used MS Access database and SPSS to assess the completeness, accuracy, and timeliness of data generated by State ADAPs; (3) used SPSS to analyze monthly, quarterly, and annual expenditure and utilization files; (4) prepared tabular results of the analyses using SPSS; (5) prepared graphic presentations of the study findings using MS Graph Charts and PowerPoint; (6) prepared a report for the sponsor, including recommendations for changes in the data elements collected from State ADAPs.